26/03/15 18:55 GSofA (Glasgow School Art):

#Vacancy: Senior Communications Officer (Internal & Applicant Comms) - deadline 1 April http://t.co/qgvd8G36z5

26/03/15 17:15 GSofA (Glasgow School Art):

Apply now: Portfolio Preparation Course 2015/2016 - build your portfolio for art school application at the GSA http://t.co/Ne137vf9bV

26/03/15 20:21 GSAExhibitions (GSA Exhibitions):

RT @KatrinaBrown: Congrats to all @GSACuratorial on opening of show @hunterian - with perfectly apt title http://t.co/Yc201v5HCv

26/03/15 10:40 GSAExhibitions (GSA Exhibitions):

The Only Way To Do It is To Do It @GSACuratorial @hunterian 27/3-4/10. With @PhillipsCiara, G.O.D.S, Raydale Dower http://t.co/NqAhGGHkGZ

26/03/15 16:59 GSALibrary (GSA Library+Archives):

Children's book illustrators featured in the Guardian's lighthearted 'How to draw...' series. http://t.co/nJ63ORvz4h

26/03/15 14:25 GSALibrary (GSA Library+Archives):

RT @FionaMcAra: Loving @GSALibrary today. Relatively small catalogue, but no reluctance to order books if you request them - very helpful. …