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Register now: Experience life at GSA and find out about our programmes at our Undergraduate Open Day, Oct 27 2016

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RT @GSofAresearch: 'Culturally rich cities are magnets for talent... important for future of city' - Brian McLaren of EKOS #SummitforGlasgo…

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RT @GLAcuratorial: Looking forward to Mick Wilson on Fri talking about his new book + seeing #GLAcuratorial2015 Sat…

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RT @clesliephoto: 'The high rise went up and the high rise came down' - lunchtime talk 29th Sep @GSofA @GSAExhibit…

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If you haven't read it already, the 4th post on Bourdon: 'Remembering Bourdon Part 4: In…

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The first Library Twilight Session is Which digital application should I use? Thur 29th Sept 5.30pm: