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The GSA is internationally recognised as one of Europe's foremost university-level institutions for creative education and research in fine art, design and architecture. 

Our Ethos

We foster the conditions for creativity in order to promote critical thinking, experimentation, discovery and innovation. Our distinctive pedagogy and research promote studio culture as the basis for creative communities, the meeting ground for diversity of opinion, independence of thought and learning from each other.

Proudly independent and outward-looking, we continuously extend the boundaries of our knowledge, geographic reach and impact through collaboration and partnership locally, nationally and internationally.

We are socially and environmentally responsible in our organisational culture and academic provision. We seek to be exceptional but not exclusive, aspirational but accessible.

Drawing on our heritage, we promote a mutually-enriching relationship between tradition and innovation. Rooted in Glasgow, with a strong international and intercultural perspective underpinning all that we do, the city is both a focus for our work and the platform from which our international relationships grow, strengthening our role in the world.

We are:

  • A creative hothouse. A small concentrated community of committed, creative people bound together by a shared visual language and a concern for visual culture.
  • At the heart of one of Europe's most influential and creative artistic communities providing an energetic environment in which new ideas can flourish.
  • Producers of mature, confident graduates through education in fine art, design and architecture, which is practice based, face to face, professionally oriented and socially engaged.
  • Researchers that influence world culture by generating new knowledge through creativity and conceptual thinking.

Since the School was founded in 1845 as one of the first Government Schools of Design, as a centre of creativity promoting good design for the manufacturing industries, our role has continually evolved and redefined to reflect the needs of the communities we are part of, embracing in the late 19th century fine art and architecture education and today, digital technology. Then as now our purpose remains the same - to contribute to a better world through creative education and research.