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5 July 2018
Update for Postgraduate Students

Dear all,

Update for Postgraduate Students: Extension of Opening Hours

In order to support PGT students with their studies across Stage 3 and towards the Graduate Degree Show 2018 at Kelvin Hall, GSA will be extending normal opening hours across the Haldane, Tontine, Richmond/ J D Kelly, Barnes and Hub (Pacific Quay) buildings from Monday 9th July 2018.

These buildings will be open from 8.00am-10.00pm, seven days a week for the remainder of Stage 3

At present the Highlands and Islands Campus at Altyre will maintain its usual opening hours.

Technical Services and Extended Workshop Access

In addition to the extension of standard opening hours to buildings, access to staffed TSD services has been extended as follows:

J.D. Kelly 
Printmaking: 5pm - 9pm, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9th July – 16th August.

Casting Workshop: Saturday 7th July, 10am-6pm (one day only) then every Wednesday and Friday 6pm - 9pm throughout July.
Textiles:  From 9th July – 16th August - access to general facilities 8am – 10pm with staffed evenings on Tuesdays and Thursdays 5pm – 9pm to enable use of specialist equipment. 

Photography/Media Studio: 4th July – 31st August, 8am – 10pm for both the Photo Scanning Suite (inducted students only) and Media Studio Edit Suites.

Other Access
Additional access requirements for Barnes Rapid PrototypingTontine Wood Workshop and Haldane Screen Printing facilities is currently being considered and we will update you on any changes as soon as possible.

2 July 2018
GSA Library Services Update

Dear All

GSA Library Services Update
GSA Library has put in place a number of measures to ensure that you can continue to access the library materials you need for your studies whilst the Bourdon Building is not accessible. Full information on the Library services available from today, Monday 2 July, can be found here

A GSA Library information point is now available on Level 3 of the Haldane Building at 30 Hill Street. Here, library staff will be available to advise you of the services available and to answer any questions you may have.

Library information point opening times

You can also contact GSA Library by email
Important updates from GSA Library will be posted on twitter @GSALibrary.

29 June 2018
Update: Reopening 2 July 2018

Dear all

Update for Postgraduate Students

Firstly, thanks so much for your patience over the last two weeks whilst we worked to put in place arrangements for the whole PG cohort and for August examination diet students.  Programmes for PGT will recommence on campus on Monday 2nd July at 9.30am. All students who had previously been based in the Reid and Bourdon will be based in the Haldane Building. All students previously based in McLellan Galleries will be based in the Richmond and JD Kelly Buildings.

We do appreciate that you might not have had the opportunity to speak directly to staff yet - cohort meetings will be held early next week to give you the opportunity for a face-to-face update from staff and to ask any questions, and PGR coordinators will also be in touch directly with PGR students early next week.

We ask for your understanding that Week 1 is now going to be slightly different in terms of programme delivery.  This is partly due to the complexities of accessing the Reid and Bourdon buildings and McLellan Galleries at the moment to remove work and equipment - this is an ongoing discussion with Building Control who are in control of the site and working with us on stabilisation of the Mackintosh Building - and partly because we need to fully confirm our requirements for GDS 2018 with the proposed venue – the Kelvin Hall and various project managers.

GDS 2018
You will be aware that meetings and site visits have been held this week for students regarding the proposed Graduate Degree Show 2018 venue – the Kelvin Hall. Another site visit will be made available in the near future and students will be contacted separately regarding this.

Assessment Dates
A slight change to Exam Boards and Publication of results dates has been agreed as we put in place arrangements to mitigate some of the GSA closure time over the last two weeks. The updated Semester Dates are available here for the current session (2017/2018).

Workshops/ Technical Support
Staff have been working over the past two weeks and purchased £250K of new equipment to put in place decant workshops, detailed here on a map. We hope to have activity in all areas in place from Monday, with the exception of the Barnes’ Metal Workshop and Assembly Area which will be ready on 11th July.

For Media Studio equipment, on Monday 2nd July and Tuesday 3rd of July we would like students who have equipment out on loan to return it to the Barnes before allowing any further bookings.

We will continue to issue updates and information next week as and when we have it.

Update: 28 June 2018

Dear all,

The latest statement from GSA has been released today, 28 June and is available to read below. All statements and updates to date are also available on the GSA website here.

Statement from The Glasgow School of Art on the Mackintosh Building

Yesterday The Glasgow School of Art, working with its team of structural experts, had an opportunity to continue its assessment of the structural integrity of the Mackintosh Building. The GSA’s new specialist site contractor, Reigart, has now bought large mobile cranes on site to allow detailed close-up visual assessment of damage to the building. All of this information is being shared with the Glasgow City Council Building Control team to establish an effective stabilisation strategy that ensures public safety.

The detailed visual assessment shows that damage to the Mackintosh Building is significantly greater than had initially been anticipated from ground visual assessment and the data from the drone and scanning footage which were undertaken last week.

The Glasgow School of Art’s site contractor Reigart, together with its structural engineers, David Narro Associates, are using all this information to develop a plan of works to achieve structural stability of the building. This will be agreed with Historic Environment Scotland (HES) and Glasgow City Council (GCC) Building Control. All parties are working in close collaboration to allow plans to be developed and agreed as quickly as possible.

The areas of significant concern are the east elevation, the west elevation and sections of the south elevation. The plan of works will involve Reigart undertaking extensive down takings and potential structural bracing. Due to the condition of the Mackintosh Building this work will be undertaken in a highly controlled way to minimise any potential risk of failure and be sufficient to achieve structural stability of the Mackintosh Building. 

The aim of the GSA and GCC will be to return normal access for residents and businesses as soon as possible.

When the plan of works has been agreed with HES and GCC Building Control it will be made public.


25 June 2018
Graduate Degree Show 2018 meeting and Kelvinhall site visits

Postgraduate students are invited to join us this Wednesday 27 June for a presentation and Kelvinhall site visit to outline our proposals for the forthcoming Graduate Degree Show 2018. 

The Presentations will take place at the University of Glasgow's Lecture Theatre this Wednesday 27 June and will be split into two groups of students:

1. School of Fine Art, Mackintosh School of Architecture, School of Simulation and Visualisation
1.30pm Presentation, lecture theatre (30 mins)
2.15pm Site Visit & Questions (1 hour) - Kelvinhall Arena (access from Blantyre Rd.)  

2. Innovation School, School of Design
4pm: Presentation, lecture theatre (30 mins)
4:45pm: Site Visit (1 hour), Kelvinhall Arena (access from Blantyre Rd.)

Please note students from the Innovation School based at Altyre unable to attend this session will be issued the presentation locally and will be offered alternative dates for a site visit to the Kelvinhall Arena.

Presentation Venue
Lecture Theatre (please click below):

Room in main lecture theatre (Room 257) in the Kelvin Building, University of Glasgow) (B8 on the map)



Student Weekly Bulletin

Hello all

Mackintosh Building Fire and GSA Closure

Following the devastating fire in the Mackintosh Building last Friday night, the decision was taken to close the entire Glasgow School of Art campus. This has been to allow key staff time to assess the likely impacts, to make arrangements for a smooth re-opening of teaching spaces and to ensure that everything required is in place for students returning to complete PGT studies, for the PGT degree show and for incoming students. You can read more about this in the recent communications from the school on the GSA website here.

All GSA buildings remain closed to students until July 2nd. Until this time staff are unable to meet with students for tuition. The GSA campus will reopen to students on 2nd July.

Students whose work spaces were previously located within the Bourdon, Reid, Breckenridge House and McLellan buildings will be provided with alternative spaces – your Programme Leader will be in touch next week to confirm specific locations. Additionally, plans are being formulated to provide alternative workshop facilities and access upon your return. Alternative provison for library and information services is also being arranged.
Masters Assessment & Deadlines
The assessment schedule is currently being revised to acknowledge the interruption to study caused by the fire. Revised arrangements for access and assessment have been considered for each School, and details of these will be published on Tuesday 26th June. 

Library Access
All GSA post-graduate students can access the University of Glasgow Library study spaces and collections (print & digital). If you have not already set up your access please follow these instructions

Additional information for students on how to access other libraries in Glasgow while the GSA Library is closed is available on the Library website
Graduate Degree Show
Please be assured we are working to ensure that the Graduate Degree Show will go ahead to provide a platform to celebrate the work of the students of The Glasgow School of Art. More information will follow next week.
Many thanks for your patience, understanding and support as we work through this difficult period. Our goal is to provide the best possible experience to you our current students, and to the students arriving in September 2018.


Paul Chapman, Gordon Hush,
Alistair Payne, 
Barbara Ridley, Sally Stewart
Heads of School
The Glasgow School of Art



Dear all,

Student Weekly Bulletin

Heads of School are establishing a regular weekly bulletin to update you on what is happening on the campus in the wake of the fire: what has been achieved that week and what we anticipate will be happening the following week.

We are currently working to revise the assessment schedule for the AUGUST Examination Diet in recognition of the closure of the GSA campus until the 2nd July. We will issue the revised schedule via Canvas and the GSA website as soon as we have it confirmed.

We are also working to gather concerns and questions from students about the immediate impact of the fire, and to respond to and resolve any issues that arise from these.

The extent of the fire and its consequences require that academic, technical, professional and support staff are able to focus on putting in place measures to ensure that teaching and other core business for all students can continue from July 2nd. However, this does mean that until July 2nd all GSA buildings remain closed to students.

The first Weekly Bulletin will be sent out this Friday 22nd to all students.


Paul Chapman
Gordon Hush
Alistair Payne
Barbara Ridley
Sally Stewart
Heads of School
The Glasgow School of Art


Dear all,

Mackintosh Building Fire and GSA Closure

Following Friday’s fire in the Mackintosh Building, staff have been focused on detailed planning regarding both the immediate arrangements for our postgraduate students and the continuing operation of the School for all of our GSA community from September 2018.

Our top priority since Friday has been on all our students and the continued operation of the School, and of immediate concern is maintaining the educational experience of our whole postgraduate cohort. The current situation is that the Mackintosh Building remains under the control of the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS), and currently there is no access to either of the adjacent buildings, the Reid Building or Bourdon Building. This is primarily for safety reasons. There is some damage to these buildings which has yet to be fully assessed, principally to the exterior facades, and the Mackintosh Building itself remains a live incident site. As a result, access to these buildings looks to remain an issue for some time. McLellan Galleries and Breckenridge House are also inaccessible at this time.

Re-opening Date
This presents challenges in terms of immediate provision for the remainder of semester 3 for our current PGT/R students (and August examination diet). It has been agreed that to ensure that the best possible arrangements and facilities are in place for these students, and to facilitate the smoothest transition for any changes, all buildings across the GSA will now remain closed for two weeks until re-opening on Monday 2 July, 2018.

This two-week period of closure across the School will allow all GSA staff from all disciplines and locations to collaborate and to pull together as one team to work on detailed arrangements, ensuring the best academic continuity, including access to technical services, staff, IT, learning resources and studio facilities, for all students. This time and the ability to act jointly and with cohesion ensures that any decisions taken during this complex and difficult time, either immediate or longer term, are fully considered and taken in the very best interests of all of our student community, now and in the future.

Specific Arrangements
As the situation becomes clearer, students will be contacted by specific schools/ departments about programme-specific arrangements regarding venues and mitigation of your time without access to the GSA. However please be aware that this is all currently in the process of being fully considered and we would ask that you bear with us for the moment whilst we give this our full attention.

Moving forward from re-opening on Monday 2 July, GSA activity currently looks like this:

Degree Show: London
Existing plans for graduate exhibitions in London at New Designers, Free Range, East London Comics and Art Festival and at the Candid Arts Trust over the summer are unchanged.

Graduate Degree Show 2018
Staff are looking at the possibility of an additional alternative location in the city as necessary. 

Academic Year 2018/2019
The new Academic Year 2018/2019 will start in September as scheduled.

Planning regarding the detail of opening from 2 July is ongoing and we are sure that you all appreciate the complexity and changing nature of the current situation. Please be aware that we are working hard on your behalf and we will send you updates out regularly, and as soon as we are able.

Kind Regards

Paul Chapman, Gordon Hush, Alistair Payne,
Barbara Ridley, Sally Stewart

Heads of School
The Glasgow School of Art



Dear all,

As you will be aware from communications issued by the School over the course of today, following the fire in the Mackintosh Building on 15/6/18 all buildings across the GSA Glasgow campus will now be closed for the next week. During this time please do not try to access any GSA buildings.

Students on the Overseas Immersion Programme (Y3 Singapore students) or Pre-Sessional English for Creative Disciplines only:
Students for each of these short programmes should attend as scheduled from Monday, and are asked to report to the Haldane Building where these programmes will be based.

Updates will continue to be issued to staff and students as and when we have any further information.


Tom Inns


Dear all

As you will be aware, the Mackintosh Building, currently under restoration, suffered a major fire last night (Friday, 15 June).

The site remains under the control of the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service and consequently all GSA buildings will remain closed to staff, students and to all visitors until further notice. Staff and students should monitor GSA on Twitter @GSofA and via your GSA email for updates.

Press and Media
There is clearly significant press and media interest in the GSA at this time.  Staff are reminded to follow the standard GSA protocols and direct any media enquiries through Lesley Booth (

Tom Inns


Update 16 June 2018

The Mackintosh Building, currently under restoration, suffered a major fire last night (Friday, 15 June).

The site remains under the control of the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service and consequently all GSA buildings will remain closed to staff, students and to all visitors until further notice.

We will provide further information and updates as they become available.