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The GSA understands that different stakeholders require different sorts of information regarding the quality of its educational provision and enhancement procedures.

Quality assurance and quality enhancement are the processes, structures and policies by which we assure ourself, our students and our stakeholders that we are maintaining academic standards and quality of provision.

We have comprehensive systems in place to assure the quality of our educational provision and the academic standards of our degree programmes and other awards. Using the links on the left you can find quantiative and qualitiative information which will:

  • Provide assurances about the quality and standard of provision
  • Provide information to inform student choice, and to assist employers and other stakeholders to clearly understand the nature of Scottish Higher Education
  • Provide information which helps current students to understand, engage with and make best use of the GSA's systems for quality improvement
  • Provide information about the GSA's educational processes which stimulates reflection on academic practice and the sharing of good practice within the GSA and more widely

If you require further information or have a specific question relating to the quality of our teaching, please contact the Academic Quality Office:

Jill Brown
+44 (0)141 566 1156

Tricia Combs
+44 (0)141 566 1160