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Lindsay Hill

BA (Hons) Silversmithing & Jewellery, 2014
Winner of the Weston Beamor award at New Designers

Route into GSA
College Qualifications
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NQ Jewellery, Glasgow Clyde College (Cardonald campus)
HND Jewellery, Glasgow Clyde College (Cardonald campus)

Lindsay Hill_Journey

Why college?
When Lindsay applied to art school during her final year of high school, she didn't get into the jewellery courses but did get offers for surveying and marketing courses at Napier University. Wanting to pursue her goal of a place at GSA in Silversmithing and Jewellery (S&J), her teacher recommended the course at Cardonald (now Glasgow Clyde College).

Why GSA?
The Silversmithing & Jewellery degree at GSA has a good reputation so studying at GSA had always been Lindsay's goal.

Lindsay's journey to and through GSA
Born and raised in Polmont, Falkirk, Lindsay took advantage of the long-standing relationship between GSA and Cardonald and received an offer of Year 2 direct-entry to S&J while she was still studying for her HND.

"Maturing with both age and knowledge, college was a great stepping stone for myself and I know a lot of my friends thought so as well. It allowed me to think wisely in what type of designs and jewellery people wanted to see in the market and having 6 years study of jewellery and silversmithing allowed me to experiment to find a technique I want to pursue in my own designs.

"Coming from Cardonald college, it built up a strong understanding of jewellery and the techniques to then create unusual pieces of work. It allowed my design skills to be pushed further. My time at GSA allowed me to be part of a small family where everyone is so supportive of one and other in whatever situation that arises."

Was college a good route into GSA?
"I thought, personally for me, it was the perfect experience. It allowed me to have hands on examples and I felt I worked better in that way, seeing all the ways jewellery can be made and finding a technique I particularly liked. I was a young school leaver and looking back on my time at GSA I am glad I went to college beforehand, as it allowed myself and my ideas to mature."

Do you stay in touch with college tutors and classmates?
"Yes, I am still in contact with both tutors and classmates. From college, friends went to different universities so it allowed me to see how others worked and what they were producing when we all had the same starting point."

Tell us a bit about your work.
"My work explores and takes inspiration from the perceived value of traditional gemstones and their settings. By considering the structures and facets that draw people to precious gemstones, my work focuses on the beauty to be found within the construction of a faceted stone.

"Whereas imperfections are traditionally undesirable in gemstones, my work emphasises the flaws that make each stone unique. By creating pieces that emphasise the idea of inclusions and defects, I transform these imperfections into significant and distinctive features of my work. By referencing larger stones in my pieces, I encourage the wearer to consider where value lies. Are my pieces aesthetically valuable to them because of the bold symmetrical structures I employ, or are they valuable because of the traditionally revered luminescent and light refracting qualities of the stones themselves.

Lindsay Hill_Worksome of Lindsay's designs 

"Currently I am exploring the use of kinetic stone setting techniques to create pieces in which the stone appears to be freed from its setting. I use advanced digital technologies throughout the creation of my work to further explore the role of traditional stone setting techniques within contemporary jewellery design."

If you could go back in time and give yourself advice when you first started your degree at GSA, what would it be?
"I wouldn't do anything different. I loved my time at GSA. Looking back now, I would have liked to have experimented a bit more in pushing my designs and techniques making the full use of the workshop and tutor contact."

Any advice for aspiring designers and applicants to S&J?
"Enjoy your time at GSA – once it is over, you will definitely want to go back! Being able to blend in with other students on your course will allow you to be part of the class. Helping each other out on different problem solving techniques is a great way to also brain storm."

Now that you're a graduate, what are your plans for the future?
"I am currently working for a Jewellers in the Glasgow Arcade as a CAD designer for bespoke services. With winning the Weston Beamor Award at New Designers- I have had a lot of interest in exhibiting my work which was motivational to continue on developing my work even further. My aim is to open my own gallery to support GSA students and graduates which will hopefully create another method to showcase their work."

You can see more of Lindsay's designs here