The Case Room is part of the technical facilities in the Communication Design Department and provides a range of traditional and digital printing facilities.

Case Room, Reid Building

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The Technical Support Department (TSD) incorporates all technical staff and resources across GSA. Our aim is to provide safe, student focussed facilities supporting specialist areas of study while also encouraging cross-disciplinary interaction where appropriate.

Our facilities are located across the GSA campus. Opening times, location and access requirements can be found in this section. A PDF version of the guide to TSD is available here. Please note that we have a finite resource and not all facilities are automatically open to all students.

Our Facilties

Our procedures

Contact details

Head of Technical Support

John Ayers
+44 (0)141 566 1471

Technical Support Officers
for academic liaison and TSD-wide enquiries

Fine Art
Stephen Jackson  
+44 (0)141 353 4576

Craig Laurie  
+44 (0)141 353 4672

Kim McNeil
+44 (0)141 353 4564

Team Leaders
for facility specific enquiries and project proposal surgeries

3D Making
Chris Barrowman
+44 (0)141 353 1480

Fashion & Textiles
Sean Black
+44 (0)141 353 4727

Media Studio
Harald Turek

Alan Bullas
+44 (0)141 353 4575

Aoife McGarrigle
+44 (0)141 353 4693