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Access to facilities and project proposals

Students are granted automatic access to technical areas that are related to their core specialist studies. Some technical facilities are open to all users; however other areas necessarily impose strict limits on non-specialist users. This is to maintain our small specialist institution focus. 

Depending on your programme of study you will be classed as either a Specialist or Project user of each technical area as follows:

  • Specialist Access – Access is automatically provided as part of your core studies and is granted following completion of the appropriate inductions. Inductions will be timetabled as part of your programme.
  • Project Access – Access can be granted if capacity is available and your tutor agrees that access is of benefit to your studies and you have time to make the most of the facility access.

Before applying for project access, to help us assign resources you must arrange a technical surgery. At the surgery the technician will explore possible approaches to achieve your ideas. They will discuss the likely time commitment and costs involved taking in to account your prior experience and the availability of resources.  This will be recorded on a project proposal form by the technician.

If the project seems viable within the resources available the project proposal form will be forwarded to your tutor, outlining the time commitment required. Your tutor must agree to the project proposal and the time committed to achieving it.

To arrange a technical surgery contact the following staff in the first instance outlining what you wish to achieve:

  • 3D Making (Wood, Metal, Plaster, CNC, S&J etc.) – Chris Barrowman,
  • Fashion and Textiles – Sean Black,
  • Photography – Alan Bullas,
  • Printmaking – Aoife McGarrigle,

You can of course drop in to discuss your ideas with technical staff but to ensure they are free to talk to you it is advised to email to arrange a time.

Most technical areas will run a programme of inductions for project access at key points through the year (usually until Easter). We are unlikely to provide general inductions on demand. Please bear in mind that there are a finite number of spaces available for each facility.

Depending on the time of year it may be impossible to fit in the required induction(s) and the required time and effort to produce work to the desired standard. It is important that you consider this when planning work around your deadlines.

Please note that project access will be prioritised for postgraduate and final year students.