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Billing and Payment >

All users are required to pay for the material used during their studies at GSA. This takes a number of forms depending on the type of work undertaken:

Advance or immediate payment

You will be advised of the cost in advance and expected to pay online or in person. Proof of payment must be shown before taking material/using a resource.

Workshop/Studio/Lab Fee

This covers the base materials or chemicals used in common processes where it is impractical to measure each use.  Payment must be made online and proof of payment shown to the relevant member of staff. Usually at the start of the year or term.

Pay as you go billing

Use will be recorded using cut lists, stock sheets or similar and a bill will be sent via email or in person. This must be paid online and proof of payment shown to the relevant member of staff.

Most bills can be paid using the GSA webpay system here.

As you are responsible for covering the costs of material that you use, you should ensure you budget carefully for the work you anticipate making. A discussion with a member of technical staff should give you an idea of ballpark costs. However it is easy for costs to spiral out of control if you do not keep an eye on them. If you have trouble paying GSA workshop bills, get in touch to discuss your options sooner rather than later.

Costs passed on to users include a modest mark up to cover wastage, delivery and administration. Material costs charged to the school tend to fluctuate. We will aim to absorb as much of these changes as possible and charge you a quoted cost, but prices are sometimes subject to revision. Revised prices will be posted in the relevant workshop areas when changes are made.