Photography equipment store in the Richmond Building

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Equipment can be borrowed from equipment stores in the Media Studio, Reid Ground Floor and photographic store in the Richmond.  Users are responsible for the equipment whilst it is in their possession and should make arrangements for suitable security and insurance.

  • You are responsible for the safety and security of GSA equipment until it is returned.
  • You will be liable for loss or damage of equipment up to a value of £250
  • You will not be held responsible for the replacement cost of stolen equipment if you provide a police report covering the incident. GSA equipment store staff should be notified of any theft as quickly as possible.
  • You will not be held responsible for equipment damage considered to be acceptable wear and tear. 

Equipment can be booked in advance using our online booking system here.

Some equipment is only available to advanced students. Each area will run additional inductions to allow you to develop the required skills for access to be granted on the system.

If there is some equipment which we do not hold in our stores that you think may be useful for the wider student cohort then please suggest equipment purchases via email to This will inform our purchases over coming months and years.

Late Equipment Returns

Returning equipment later than agreed prevents other users from accessing equipment and has a significant impact on your fellow student’s learning and project progress. The late returns policy has been developed as a deterrent to ensure equipment stays in circulation to allow the widest range of users to have fair access. We also hope to instill a sense of professional practice in regards to loan equipment use. All sanctions are absolutely avoidable if equipment is returned on time or if staff are notified in good time. 

A late return is invoked if equipment has not been returned an hour after the published return period and no communication has been received by the store staff from the user. If equipment is returned late, the user will be suspended from the online booking system and all resources that this allows access to (see implications of this below). The suspension will be in place for two weeks after the equipment has been returned. A subsequent late return will result in your tutor (or line manager for staff) being contacted. If the user continues to hold the equipment for a further period or refuse to return the equipment they will be charged for the full replacement cost.


The suspension affects booking and access to all resources that are booked on the Connect 2 system including:

  • Reid Media Studio Equipment Store and Workstations
  • Richmond Building Photographic Equipment Store
  • Reid Photographic Equipment Store
  • Booking of Laser Cutters in Reid Workshop
  • Booking the Media Studio Recording Studio [Barnes Building],

The suspension will affect your ability to access the system during the period of the suspension. You will not be able to check availability or book resources until the suspension expires.

Please be aware that returning equipment late without contacting technical staff has the potential to seriously affect your ability to meet your academic deadlines.


To avoid a late return sanction or suspension, bring back the equipment on time. You will automatically be sent email reminders of the correct return date, and you can always get a trusted friend to bring it back for you.

If you know you will be late, please contact us in advance. The contact details are as follows:

If you have a valid reason for bringing back the equipment late but not contacting us we will evaluate your circumstance based on the available evidence and make a decision accordingly on the equipment return.

Staff are sensitive to mitigating circumstances and will be happy to discuss anything in confidence. However, if you are unhappy having this conversation please ask your tutor to contact the technical staff directly.


If you feel the sanction has been applied unfairly you may appeal directly to the Head of TSD: John Ayers,


TSD will record the names, programmes and dates of each sanction to allow implementation, monitoring and review of this policy. This policy applies to all users (staff and students).