High Quality Archive Printing >

Richmond Building

Opening Hours:

Monday - Thursday 9:30am - 4:30pm

Friday: 11am – 4.30pm

Closed for lunch daily 1 - 2pm

Alan Bullas
+44 (0)141 353 4575

All students have access to the large format inkjet printing in the Richmond building.

The facility is setup to print at a large scale, or in bulk quantities from prepared digital files, on paper or film up to 1118mm (44 inches wide), on Epson 9900 wide format inkjet printers, Imageprint 9 RIP is used to process the files.

A paper based booking system is in use, and operates on a ‘first-come - first-served’ basis. So come on down to the Richmond to book your slot.

The facility stocks a range of exhibition grade inkjet media with costs dependent on materials used. Payment is required when collecting prints from the print facility.

Prints may be cut into smaller sizes in the Dry Print Finishing Room.

File Types: Supply files as PSD with no layers (Photoshop), TIFF or JPEG (baseline).

Resolution: We recommend 300dpi at the size that you wish your prints to be, e.g. print size 110cm x 150cm @ 300 dpi.

Recommended Colour space: Adobe RGB


  • Ensure that your files are flattened and are 8 bit files, or they will not print.
  • Your files should be colour corrected and sized ready for printing, which should include space around the image if required.
  • Files names should be in plain English with no accents etc.
  • Files can be supplied on Memory stick, Portable Hard Drive or CD.
  • Files can be supplied as individual images, a number of images as part of a single file, or a collection of single images.
  • Take advantage of the paper’s full area when preparing files, the shorter the print length the cheaper the final cost.
  • Prints are touch-dry when they come off the printer, but will have not ‘cured’ (completely dried) for another 24 hrs. CAUTION should therefore be taken when transporting prints. Please bring along a protective case or tube for transporting your work.
  • Transferring text across platforms may create compatibility issues, as not all fonts are supported.

Note: Inkjet prints to be mounted i.e. glued to a surface, should ideally be attached using a Cold Mount Adhesive.