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  • 2 x Cad Cam FB700 – Cutting area 725mm x 990mm

  • 1 x Epilog Fusion 40 – Cutting area 711mm x 1016mm

  • 1 x Epilog Fusion 32 – Cutting area 508mm x 812mm

  • 2 x Epilog Zing 24 – Cutting area 305mm x 610mm

Opening Hours:
Monday - Friday, 10am - 1pm and 2pm - 5pm 

Please note the workshop is closed for maintenance periodically. Students are advised to check local communications.

Chris Barrowman


Bookings for the large laser cutters can be made by any student up to 2 weeks in advance using the Connect 2 system here. Bookings are for one hour and are charged at £6 per hour. Any job that runs over time will be charged at 10p per minute. Small jobs (under 15 minutes) can be accommodated on the small laser cutters on a drop in basis. These machines are charged at 10p per minute.

The Laser Cutters will cut flat sheet material - Acrylic, Plywood and MDF, paper, cardboard, fabrics. They will not cut metals, polycarbonate, acetate, styrene sheet, leather, etc. due to releasing toxic fumes. Always check your material with a technician before booking if you are unsure. 

If you want to use the laser cutters you should:

1. Prepare an Adobe Illustrator file with the following settings:

RGB Colour Settings

Black Cut

Red Etch

No Fills

Release all clipping masks, compound paths and expand all live tracings.

If you are not sure if your file will work then please bring it down to the Advanced Prototyping space and we will check it for you.

2. Have your material ready or have filled in a cutting list to give to the technician running the laser cutter for the materials stocked in the laser cutting room.

Please beware that the laser cutters are in extremely high demand.