Macs available in the Media Studio, Reid Building

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Reid Ground Floor

Mac workstations and a range of media production equipment.

Opening Hours: 
If the building is open - we are open!

Monday - Thursday 9am - 5pm

Please note that on Friday mornings computer room 002 is closed for maintenance. It opens again at 1pm and is staffed from 2pm-5pm

+44 (0)141 5661180

The Media Studio is a teaching and production center that supports GSA students who work with the following: typography, print, photographic imagery, coding, graphic design, publishing, scanning, image manipulation, audio, video, film, screen-based media and projected installation.

Technical staff are available to give specialist tutorial support to students and staff across the School.

The studio is open to all with a valid student or staff card during Reid Building opening hours. If you find classes, workshops or other group activity in progress you are still welcome to access any free workstations.

Media Studio Equipment Store

The equipment store is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday.

  • Hand-in: 9.30 - 10.00
  • Hand-out: 10.30 - 12.00

All bookings can be made in advance at

A wide range of AV equipment is available to loan for all students, ranging from cameras to projectors, audio recorders to speakers.

Equipment access is tiered to ensure specialist users gain access to professional equipment.

Bookable equipment will be divided into two categories: 'MS basic equipment' and 'MS advanced equipment'.

MS basic equipment is bookable by all students and staff across GSA while MS advanced equipment is only available to members of the Media Studio Specialist User Group (MSSUG).

Students and staff members who wish to become members of the MSSUG are asked to go through an admissions procedure. For those who already have specialist skills the admission procedure entails completing a membership form detailing previous experience, getting the form signed off by a relevant year tutor (line manager for staff) and joining a MSSUG sign-up session. Those without specialist skills are additionally required to partake in a minimum of two ʻMSSUG Workshop Wednesdaysʼ in order to qualify as members. For more details please talk to a member of media studio staff or email

Barnes Recording Studio

The Media Studio includes a small recording studio situated in the Barnes Building. (Setup includes Pro Tools / Reaper plus Focusrite Saffire Pro 26 audio interface). The studio is bookable Monday to Friday from 9am – 5pm.

Students and staff interested in using the MS Recording Studio need to go through a mandatory Health and Safety induction in order to be permitted to book this space. The H&S induction will be followed by a very quick run through of the studio set-up. Please bear in mind that it is most useful to do this induction when planning to use the studio in near future.

Enquiries about the recording studio should be made to