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Richmond Building Photographic Facilities


The Richmond Building houses a range of photographic facilities including:

  • Black and white film and print processing [roll and sheet]
  • Large scale black & white printing
  • Black & white machine prints
  • Colour film processing C41 and E6 [roll and sheet]
  • Film and flatbed scanning [Hasselblad X1 Flextight and Epson V750 & 850 scanners]
  • Inkjet printing up to 44” or 118cm
  • Lighting Studio
  • Cold and heat mounting
  • Copy Room
  • Alternative Processes [Salt printing, Cyanotypes etc.]
  • Equipment Store [with opening times]

Opening Hours:

Monday & Wednesday: 9.15am – 4.30pm

Tuesday & Thursday: 9.15 – 8.30pm

Friday: 11am – 4.30pm

Alan Bullas
+44 (0)141 353 4575

A programme of induction sessions and process workshops are timetabled for Fine Art Photography and Communication Design specialist photography students; others are required to complete a project proposal.

Access to all facilities is permitted after a ‘requirement for need’ is understood, followed by an induction which covers Health and Safety and working practices. For those who have little knowledge of the subject or process a series of process specific workshops will need to be completed before access is granted. 

In order to meet both H&S and professional standards, users should be in the workshop on a regular basis. Skill acquisition in analogue processes can be a long process, in many cases years of constant practice are required in order to achieve good results. Digital image capture can be a quick way to achieve good results. 

A lab fee is charged to specialist photography students to cover base chemistry use and other consumable materials. Non-specialist/occasional users will be charged a day rate if applicable.

For 2017 these are:

  • Full time undergraduate specialist students £150 per year
  • MLitt Photography students £225 per year
  • Others £3.50 per day 

All students have access to an equipment store with a large range of analogue and digital cameras. Bookings can be made online here.


Reid Building Photographic Facilities 

Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday10am - 6pm

Please note the workshop is closed for maintenance periodically. Students are advised to check local communications.

+44 (0)141 353 4402


Digital Imaging Suite

A teaching facility geared towards Communication Design specialist students who will be instructed in high-end digital imaging; fine digital printing and advanced colour management. 

The facility holds

  • Film Scanning (35mm, 120, and 5x4) on Hasselblad Flextight & Nikon Coolscan 9000 Scanners.
  • Flatbed Scanning up to A3 on Epson 10000XL (including transparency materials).
  • Inkjet printing up to 24” or 61cm roll.
  • Colour calibrated workstations with Adobe RGB monitors, full Adobe Creative Cloud software package and book imposition software.
  • Small-scale heat and cold mounting and laminating (up to A3).
  • Equipment store

The facility stocks a range of exhibition grade inkjet media with costs dependent on materials used. Please note that this area is not suitable for general reproduction services.

Inductions are workshop based and generally occur over semester one and two. Once inducted workstations can be reserved via posted booking sheets.

Still & Moving Image Studio:

This studio contains a large photographic cove with an array of coloured photographic backgrounds. The facility is fitted with a flexible pantograph lighting supports system and a range of flash, florescent and tungsten lighting and accessories.

All users must receive a 45-minute H&S induction and facility orientation before access is granted. Inductions are arranged automatically for Com Des students, all other programs are required to complete a project proposal.

Lighting & camera technique workshops generally occur through semester one and two and range in length depending on project. Access and support is arranged through the area Technician.

The Animation & Photographic Copy Room

As a small facility, this is suitable for documentation of small objects, works on paper, and short-term animation projects. The facility supports a copy stand, backdrop support and cool-operating photographic continuous lighting.

Students can arrange in advance with staff for a short induction to this area. Access is prioritized for Communication Design students. All others are required to complete a project proposal. Access and support is negotiated through the area Technician.