“What the eye sees will be Mackintosh. What Mackintosh sees will be 21st century” - Director Prof. Tom Inns

Mackintosh Building

Restoration Intent >

The Glasgow School of Art is aware of the global interest in the restoration of the Mackintosh Building and the diversity of opinion that surrounds this. We also recognise our enormous responsibility, both in respect of the building’s historic and civic role and its role as a working building, to bring the it back to life as a robust, functioning and inspirational working art school, a role the building has played successfully for more than 100 years, ensuring it is fit for purpose for a 21st century art school.

On 23 May 2014, when the extent of the fire loss was known our Chair stated “We will rebuild and rebuild well". Moving forward that commitment remains – our ambition is to achieve an exemplary restoration of the Mackintosh Building, using meticulous and detailed conservation, traditional craftsmanship and construction skills combined with technology, design innovation and robust functionality.

Above all our commitment to the restoration must focus on the very highest standards of safety for the GSA’s community while operating as a working art school, visitor attraction and jewel in Glasgow’s architectural heritage. Director Tom Inns neatly summarised our intent thus: “What the eye sees will be Mackintosh. What Mackintosh sees will be 21st century”.