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The Glasgow School of Art awards Honorary Fellowships to individuals who have made a significant contribtion to the world of fine art, design, architecture, creativity and innovation.

Our current Fellows are:

John Byrne, Artist
Sir Anthony Caro, Sculptor
The Late Clark Fyfe, Architect
Cyril Gerber, Gallery owner
Alasdair Gray, Artist and Author
Perry A King, Designer
Sally Fadden McLellan-Pritchard, Fine Artist
Liz Lochhead, Poet, writer
Isi Metzstein, Architect
Tetsuya Mukai, Director - Takayama Museum Japan
Ettore Sottsass, Designer
Deyan Sudjic, Architecture Critic
The Late Eleanor Taffner, Hon Vice President of the GSA
Ivor Tiefenbrun, Founder and Managing Direcor of Linn Products