Detail of railings on the exterior of the Mackintosh Building, Renfrew Street

Mackintosh Building

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Lay Governors

Ms Muriel Gray                                                                                                                          (Chair of the Board; Convenor of the Nominations Committee)

Professor Nora Kearney                                                                                                                (Vice Chair of the Board; Convenor of the Remuneration Committee)

Ms Lesley Thomson                                                                                                                      (Vice Chair of the Board; Board Intermediary)

Ms Kristen Bennie 

Ms Ann Faulds
(Convenor of the Human Resources Committee)

Professor John French 

Dr Marty Herbert 

Dr Kate Lampitt Adey

Mr Michael McAuley

Mr Habib Motani                                                                                                            (Convenor of the Business and Estates Committee)

Mr Harry Rich

Mr James Sanderson

Mr Andrew Sutherland
(Convenor of the Audit and Risk Committee)

Mr Tsz Wu 


Ex Officio Governors

Ms Penny Macbeth
(Director of GSA)

Mr Alessandro Marini
(President, GSA Students' Association)

(Deputy Director (Academic), GSA)

Elected Governors

Ms Polly Christie
(Support staff representative)

Ms Barbara Ridley
(Academic Council representative)

Dr Sarah Smith
(Academic staff representative)

Secretary to the Board of Governors

Dr. Craig Williamson
(Registrar and Secretary)