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James Brown, Atlanta, 1979
by Harry Benson

James Brown, Atlanta, 1979


Harry Benson

Harry Benson has enjoyed an extraordinary career as a photojournalist, and has gained access to some of the key figures of the last fifty years - often at decisive moments in history. His work, first seen in some of the most influential newspapers and magazines and of the 20th and 21st centuries, charts a fascinating course. It maps the worlds of politics and culture, sport and fashion and the stellar successes - and crashing failures - of celebrity.

A witness to many of the last century's historic moments, Benson marched alongside Dr Martin Luther King Jr, stood next to Robert F. Kennedy when he was assassinated, has photographed every American president since Eisenhower. He has covered the conflicts in Bosnia, Afghanistan, Northern Ireland and Iraq (Gulf War), as well as photographing numerous celebrities from Elizabeth Taylor to Michael Jackson.

Born in Glasgow in 1929, Harry travelled with The Beatles on their first visit to America and has lived there ever since.