Melba Beetham

Job Title:

Interior Design Lecturer


Interior Design


Interior Design studios in the Reid Building
A space to develop your creative practice and technical skills

Interior Design studios in the Reid Building


Melba Beetham

Melba graduated from GSA in 2000 in Interior Design. Following her UG studies Melba worked in Dublin.

Her approach to learning and teaching is centred on the practical application of interior design to live projects, and developing pedagogy in line with the evolving practice of the interior designer and related fields.

Melba draws from a range of design experiences including heron going design practice, specialising in hospitality, workplace and educational environments.

Through practicing and teaching design, she continually look for ways to help students acquire the core skills required to participate in and lead design projects. Such as developing a design narrative, critically surveying and responding to physical and social context, developing an intuitive understanding of interior geometry, thinking through the user journey, specifying interior elements in line with design intent, detailing of interior structures, joinery items and furniture.

For her PG Cert (L&T) Melba looked at pedagogical developments in the areas of drawing for design, as well as peer learning, and strive for a balance between tutor led and peer led learning to optimise the student’s engagement with studio. Melba also seeks opportunities to link design practice and teaching, such as through live projects with external clients.