Leigh-Anne Hepburn PhD

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Research Fellow, Innovation School


Innovation School


Institute of Design Innovation
at GSofA Highlands & Islands

Institute of Design Innovation


Leigh-Anne Hepburn

Leigh-Anne is a design researcher whose work considers the produced space of multidisciplinary collaborative design, with specific interest in crossovers between business, academia and design. Motivated by stories and experiences, her research interests explore the tacit and experiential learning that takes place through collaborative practice and how this might be captured and shared; knowledge exchange and co-creation; design research methods and methodologies and policy development.

Previously part of the Scotland-wide AHRC project, Design in Action (DiA) which considered design as a key strategy for economic growth and innovation in Scotland, Leigh-Anne’s PhD explores the produced space of design-led collaboration, with specific interest in the physical, social and mental spaces of multidisciplinary co-creation and is informed by the theories of philosopher Henri Lefebvre.

With a background in textile design, Leigh-Anne has worked in a number of design and non-design roles across the Highlands and Islands including as a gallery curator on the Isle of Skye, writing public policy for local government and most recently has been working in project management designing better services for arts, cultural and third sector organisations. She has presented her research both nationally and internationally and has taught at community, undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

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