Dr. Jesse O’Neill PhD

Job Title:

Lecturer in Design History, Culture and Theory


GSofA Singapore



Detail from Charles Potter (1893)
Specimens of Types Received at the Government Printing Office

Detail from Charles Potter (1893)


Dr. Jesse O’Neill

Jesse O’Neill is Lecturer in Design History, Culture and Theory at The Glasgow School of Art Singapore, where he coordinates FoCI courses in the Bachelor of Design program.

Jesse’s research concentrates on nineteenth-century colonial design and printing. In 2011 he was appointed Merewether Scholar in Australian history at the State Library of New South Wales. Here he commenced his project on the print culture and publishing trades of the early Australian settlements. In 2012 he completed a PhD in Design Studies at the University of New South Wales. His dissertation presented a social semiotic analysis of the visual and linguistic grammar structures of late nineteenth-century type specimen books.

Prior to his work in design research and education, Jesse worked as a designer in Sydney Australia in areas of interior design and visual communication. He has worked in higher education since 2007, teaching in design studio and theory classes at the College of Fine Arts, Faculty of the Built Environment UNSW, and the University of Technology Sydney.