Dorotea Ottaviani

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Experience Researcher




Adapt-r ITN Diagram
Depicts the connections of the multiple levels of training within the project and how those converge in the moment of the Practice Research Symposia

Adapt-r ITN Diagram


Dorotea Ottaviani

Dorotea Ottaviani is an Experience Researcher for the Adapt-r project (Marie Curie ITN Funded) on Practice-based research in creative practice at The Glasgow School of Art since January 2016. She received her Master of Architecture at the University of Roma Tre and she is currently a PhD candidate at the Department of Architecture and Design, “Sapienza” University of Rome. She is studying the theme of the transformation and regeneration of public housing districts in her PhD research. She studied at the University of Roma Tre and spent a semester at the Technische Universiteit of Eindhoven with the Erasmus Programme where she first addressed the topic of the renewal of social housing estate.

As researcher for the Adapt-r project she is investigating the tacit dimensions of knowledge embedded in creative practice (tacit knowledge) along with the refinement and explication of research methods within the ADAPT-r PhD model.

She has been working as an architect since 2010 in different architectural firms in Italy, Germany and in Portugal with the European Programme Leonardo.


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