The Case Room is part of the technical facilities in the Communication Design Department and provides a range of traditional and digital printing facilities.

Case Room, Reid Building

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Whatever programme you are embarking on at GSA, space and time to experiment with your materials is indispensable. The Technical Support Department provide the facilities and expertise to support the work of specialist areas of study whilst also offering the opportunity to access resources outside of conventional discipline boundaries.

We offer a tiered service ranging from drop-in facilities available to all students (following induction) to specialist facilities embedded within academic departments. These are:

Core Drop-In Facilties
Generally open to students from across the School following induction

Specialist Accessible Facilities
Mainly linked to a department, but access can be negotiated if required for your project

  • Mould-Making and Casting Workshop (Prioritised access for Sculpture and Environmental Art, MLitt Fine Art Practice, MFA students)
  • Photographic Facilities (Prioritised access for Fine Art Photography, MLitt Fine Art Practice, MFA,¬†Communication Design and Architecture students)
  • Case Room (Prioritised access for Communication Design students)

Specialist Embedded Facilities
Embedded within a department and reserved for use by its students

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What all these facilities have in common is the dedicated and experienced technical staff. The technical team has an abundance of expertise and experience across (and beyond) the disciplines taught at GSA and many maintain their own practice as artists and makers. They will use their extensive range of skills and knowledge to support practical aspects of your work, guiding you through the complexities of turning your ideas in to a finished piece.

We have recently invested heavily in our facilities ensuring we balance the best of traditional processes with cutting edge and emerging technologies.  New for 2014-15 include additions to the advanced prototyping, digital making and electronics equipment in the 3D Making Workshop (including additional access to laser cutting), refurbishment and additional digital facilities within Photography, upgraded workstations within the Media Studio.

Full information about opening times, access arrangements and updates will be communicated to you using the VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) after you enrol, as well on as local posters in the facilities themselves. Your first point of contact with queries about accessing technical facilities should be directed to the staff listed .