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If you are applying to Fine Art or Design programmes at GSA, there are three distinct steps to the application process. We've outlined these steps in the link below:

Each step of the application process to Fine Art or Design programmes at GSA takes a lot of preparation. Each component in the application is equally important and the admissions staff assess how you have performed at each step so make sure that you are submitting high quality work at each stage.  

Step One - UCAS Application

An application to any Higher Education course must be made through UCAS. This is where you submit your personal details, all of your qualifications to date including those which are pending, your employment history, a reference from a teacher and most importantly, your personal statement. The UCAS personal statement is where you can communicate why you have applied to your chosen courses and how you are suited to study these courses.

The deadline for applying to GSA through UCAS is 15 January every year. Applications submitted after this date may not be considered so make sure you submit it on time. Have a look at the link below for help with constructing a strong UCAS Personal Statment.

Remember, if you're from a target school you can e-mail our Widening Participation team a draft of your UCAS Personal Statement and we'll be more than happy to provide you with thorough written feedback. 

Step Two - E-Folio and E-Folio Statement

When GSA receives your UCAS application, you will receive an e-mail asking you to upload an e-folio and e-folio statement. An e-folio is a selection of images of the visual artwork you have made. The e-folio statement is a piece of text you write to explain the visual artwork you have submitted in the e-folio. Below is a link which can help you pull together your e-folio submission.

You can click below to see examples of successful e-folios from our former students who are now studying degree level programmes at GSA or elsewhere. 

Applicants from our target schools should get in touch with us as we can offer invaluable e-folio support, in person or digitally. Just e-mail and we'll get right back to you.

Step Three - Interview

If your application is successful at Step Two, you will receive an e-mail inviting you to come to GSA for an interview. Interviews are a chance for staff from the course to meet you, see your complete portfolio and sketchbooks and find out if you would benefit from the course. It is also a chance for you to get a much clearer sense of the course, have a look at the facilities on offer, ask any questions that you may have and ultimately make a decision about if the course is for you. Take a look at the link below which gives some advice for preparing for an interview. 

If you have an interview at GSA or elsewhere, and are from one of our target schools, take advantage of our Mock Interview appointments. If you are from one of our target schools which is located far away from GSA, we can arrange a skype Mock Interview with you. We replicate as far as possible authentic interview conditions and provide you with verbal advice and guidance and thorough written feedback.


As an applciant to GSA it is only fair that you know how your application to the school is being assessed. The programme you are applying for has a set of assessment criteria which your application will be assessed against by way of a numerical score between 1-7 (7 being 'excellent evidence of' and 1 being 'unsatisfactory evidence of'). 

How your UCAS application and e-folio are assessed

The assessment criteria for each programme are contained within the guidelines which can be found here. Ensuring that your UCAS application and e-folio are relevant to the assessment criteria is vital in securing a positive application outcome.