Information for Current External Examiners for UG and PGT Programmes >

Sources of Information

The links below direct to pages on the GSA website which contain information that may be helpful to current or potential External Examiners.  

  • Academic and Student Policies approved by Academic Council can be found here.

The following policies may be of particular interest:

Academic Misconduct Policy

Examination Board Policy

External Examiners Policy

GSA's Code of Assessment

  • Programme and Course Specifications for current programmes at GSA can be found here.  Programme and Course Specifications contain information which was previously held in the Definative Programme Document and Programme Handbooks. 
  • The following form to be completed after External Examiners have visited for Final Assessment:

External Examiner Report Form 2017-18

  • The following forms should also be completed after each visit (Interim and Final Assessment) and returned to the relevant School Academic Support Manager or Programme Contact:

External Examiner Claim Form

Expenses Form


For further information, please contact Registry on +44 (0)141 353 4416 or