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2019/20 Scholarship Programme for Prospective Students

The GSA has a number of scholarships available to new students who have received a Conditional or Unconditional offer of a place on an Undergraduate or Postgraduate programme at The Glasgow School of Art for 2019/20.

Information on the GSA Scholarship Programme, the awards available and how to apply can be found in The Glasgow School of Art Scholarship Guide 2019/20.

Making an Application

The Scholarship Application Form can be downloaded here.

This should be completed electronically and emailed to Your GSA Offer Letter/Email must be submitted with your application. If you require the Scholarship Application Form in an alternative format please email


The deadline for submitting your application is 16.00 GMT on Friday 31 May 2019.

If applying for Scotland’s Saltire Scholarship (available to citizens of Canada, the Peoples Republic of China, India, Pakistan, Japan and the USA), you are also required to submit an online application form to the Scottish Government by Sunday 26 May 2019. 

Alternative Sources of Funding

Students are encouraged to look at all possible funding opportunities outside of GSA. Many Governments offer student support to their residents; this support may be available even if studying outside of your home country. There are also a number of private foundations and charitable organisations which offer scholarships to certain students.

Statutory Funding

Certain national Governments offer student support to residents - follow the links to find out more:

Scottish and EU residents  (please note, EU students are only eligible for tuition fee support)

English residents: Overview / Postgraduate funding

Welsh residents

Northern Irish residents

Overseas students: Check with your home Government. Some schemes are available for students studying abroad, such as student loans for US residents.

Private Scholarships

A number of private foundations and charitable organisations offer limited financial support to certain students. These private scholarships have their own application and selection criteria. Please find below is a list of websites that can help you in your own research for scholarships, grants and bursaries outwith GSA:

Turn 2 Us
Scholarship search engine

Scholarship Search
Scholarship search engine

Postgraduate Studentships 
Postgraduate scholarship search engine

Careers website with funding information and links

Foreign & Commonwealth Office Scholarships (British Council)

Carnegie Trust
Scottish charity offering support to certain students at Scottish Universities

Glasgow Educational & Marshall Trust
Funding for the people of Glasgow to advance their academic or vocational qualifications

Buttle UK
Children’s charity providing a list of charities and grant providers

This is not a comprehensive list and is provided as places to start your research for external funding. GSA is not responsible for the content of external websites and the funding schemes they advertise.