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2019/20 Scholarship Programme for Prospective Students

The GSA has a number of scholarships available to new students who have received a Conditional or Unconditional offer of a place on an Undergraduate or Postgraduate programme at The Glasgow School of Art for 2019/20.

The scholarship application deadline has now passed – the 2019/20 Scholarship Programme has now closed.

Alternative Sources of Funding

Students are encouraged to look at all possible funding opportunities outside of GSA. Many Governments offer student support to their residents; this support may be available even if studying outside of your home country. There are also a number of private foundations and charitable organisations which offer scholarships to certain students.

Statutory Funding

Certain national Governments offer student support to residents - follow the links to find out more:

Scottish and EU residents  (please note, EU students are only eligible for tuition fee support)

English residents: Overview / Postgraduate funding

Welsh residents

Northern Irish residents

Overseas students: Check with your home Government. Some schemes are available for students studying abroad, such as student loans for US residents.

Private Scholarships

A number of private foundations and charitable organisations offer limited financial support to certain students. These private scholarships have their own application and selection criteria. Please find below is a list of websites that can help you in your own research for scholarships, grants and bursaries outwith GSA:

Turn 2 Us
Scholarship search engine

Scholarship Search
Scholarship search engine

Postgraduate Studentships 
Postgraduate scholarship search engine

Careers website with funding information and links

Foreign & Commonwealth Office Scholarships (British Council)

Carnegie Trust
Scottish charity offering support to certain students at Scottish Universities

Glasgow Educational & Marshall Trust
Funding for the people of Glasgow to advance their academic or vocational qualifications

Buttle UK
Children’s charity providing a list of charities and grant providers

This is not a comprehensive list and is provided as places to start your research for external funding. GSA is not responsible for the content of external websites and the funding schemes they advertise.