Prosthetic Greaves
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Reid Ground Floor Corridor Reid Building, The Glasgow School of Art 164 Renfrew Street Glasgow G3 6RF


14 Oct 2017 - 29 Oct 2017

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An early test model for willow greaves
Made by Karen Collins from Naturally Useful (Image credit: Jeroen Blom)

Prosthetic Greaves

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Prosthetic Greaves
Reid Ground Floor Corridor

14 - 29 Oct 2017

Preview: 13 Oct 2017, 5-7pmĀ 

The Prosthetic Greaves project aims to deliver a beautiful crafted aesthetic for lower limb covers. In Scotland only, there are around 1500 lower limb amputations every year. When being admitted into the NHS, there is the option for a foam limb-shaped cover, or a bare pole prosthesis. Research showed a large group of people want a different aesthetic than a foam limb-shape. But for something as personal as a replacement body-part, there is only limited choice for aesthetics that have the same richness as other accessories we choose to surround ourselves with.

Jeroen Blom set out to explore this issue and created a first cover out of Scots pine and tartan. In his role as creative technologiest at the Institute of Design Innovation (InDI) at The Glasgow School of Art, he is interested in using new technologies to change the way we experience products and interact with them. He designed a method to customize a limb-shape for the amputee and create different skeletal designs and templates together with the artisans so they can fully use their skills.

With the Prosthetic Greaves project, Jeroen worked closely together with artisans, amputees and researchers at InDI to create a range of high quality decorative prosthesis covers. We call these covers Greaves, after the traditional piece of decorative armor worn on the shin. The quality of the resulting products reflects years of artisanal practice, and provide a truly unique aesthetic.

The exhibition shows the co-design and making process, and displays the unique greave from three artisans:

Karen Collins from Naturally Useful, a willow weaving company based at Rafford, near Forres, Moray. The team use traditional methods to make beautiful handmade baskets. Different coloured willows and weaving patterns create fascinating combinations.

Scott Gleed from Gleed 3D, specialising in model-making, particularly of aquatic models. Scott Gleed is world-renowned for his life-size sharks and rays, and he has many years of experience in making models for international museums and heritage centres. His use of various casting materials and techniques lead to stunning aesthetics.

Roger Milton from Auldearn Antiques, a renowned place for high quality antiques for over 25 years, offering furniture, decorative, and other items. In addition to buying and selling, the business, based in Auldearn, near Nairn; also restore items and make their own unique pieces of furniture in their on-site workshop.

This project has evolved at the Institute of Design Innovation (InDI) at The Glasgow School of Art Highlands and Islands Campus. InDI specialises in design innovation through new design practices, community engagement and co-creation of preferable futures.

To find out more about the Prosthetic Greaves project, Jeroen Blom and InDI; as well as the collaborators, please follow the links below: