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During your time at GSA, Registry are responsible for your Student Record. Information that is held in your record includes:

  • Registration Status
  • Fee Status
  • Personal Details
  • Home and Term Time Addresses
  • End of Year Results
  • Emergency Contact details

Some of this information is shared across different departments at the School such as the Finance Office and the Library.  Please note that information will not be shared with external parties unless explicit permission to do so is granted. Further information on the School’s Data Protection Policy can be found here.

Change of Status

It is not unusual for students to change their registration status during their studies at GSA. These will normally be in the form of: Internal Transfer, Leave of Absence and Withdrawal.

              Internal Transfer

This is the process of changing your programme to another at GSA.If you wish to do so you must speak with your desired programme’s Programme Leader and your current Programme Leader before completing an Internal Transfer form. Further information can be found here.

Leave of Absence

If you have any adverse personal or medical circumstances which will require you to be absent from the School for an extended period of time you can apply to take a Leave of Absence (LOA). In the first instance you would be advised to speak with GSA’s Student Support Department and your Programme Leader.

Further information on taking an LOA can be found here.

The form to apply for a Leave of Absence can be downloaded from here.


At any point should you wish to permanently terminate your studies at GSA you will be required to complete a Withdrawal Form. Further information on the withdrawal process can be found here

Status Letters

If you need to a statement which confirms that you are a student then you can request one from Registry. Requests are normally processed in 1- 2 days but this may take longer at busy times of the year, such as enrolment.

Please note that all Banks require a status letter addressed to their specific branch and therefore you should indicate this when you make your request.


A transcript is a summary of your grades from your time at GSA. You can request one of these in person at the Registry Office or by email on

Requests normally take 3-5 days to process but may take longer during busier periods.

Council Tax Exemption

Full time students are eligible for exemption/discount from Council Tax. Details of this can be found here