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Penuel Smith

This academic year I will be working as Student Ambassador, helping to give future students a perspective on life at the GSA. My hometown is Huddersfield in West Yorkshire, where I studied at Greenhead College for my A-levels, before starting my degree at The Glasgow School of Art. On first visiting Glasgow, I was drawn in straight away by the vibrancy of the city and its clear enthusiasm for the arts. The students I spoke to at the GSA open day were passionate about the school and it's innovative programmes. Having experienced the course I have found it to offer something unique, with exciting technical facilities, excellent studio spaces and brilliant staff.

I’m now in my 3rd year, studying Communication Design; an exciting programme that creatively explores Graphics, Illustration and Photography through practical experimentation. Over the four years the work produced is encouraged to become unique to each student. The programme has developed me personally, as I have begun to focus in on my own key interests and skills.

Recently I’ve been experimenting with a medium format film camera, developing film, and exploring ways of recolouring the stills; based on the early special effects used in film. I am excited to see this project develop further and have ideas of creating small animations. Out of course time I have been working with two Architecture students and a postgraduate who are looking at running student led projects within the burnt shell of the Mackintosh library. I have been creating the visual identity for this adventurous project.

Over the year I will be attending UCAs and Further Education fairs across the UK, along with making school visits and being present at the GSA open days. Feel welcome to approach me at any of these events, or drop me an email with any questions you have regarding the school, it’s courses and student life.