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Understanding Dyslexia: An Introduction For Dyslexic Students in Higher Education.

Written and researched by Jill Hammond and Fabian Hercules 2000. Revised Edition 2007, Jill Hammond and Ruth MacPherson. The Glasgow School of Art.

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This guidance tells you about the benefits of knowing that you are dyslexic. You will find information describing the nature of dyslexia, how this is relevant to you as an individual and the way in which your assessment report shows that you are dyslexic. There are also sections devoted to making positive use of this information.

The questions you might already have and others you may have not yet thought of asking, are explored. The emphasis is on giving you essential information and providing a starting point for you to find out more. This includes understanding the context in which you are studying.

Knowing that you are dyslexic can mean making changes in the way you study. Included in this guidance are some useful tips about study skills and explanations about why some of the more traditional ways of studying may not be appropriate for you.

Ultimately, it is hoped that by using this guidance as a starting point, you will find independence as a learner and enjoy your time studying at college or university.


1)    Common Questions

2)    What is Dyslexia?

3)    Experiencing Dyslexia

4)    Understanding your Report

5)    Telling Other People

6)    Strategies for Higher Education

7)    Organisation for Life

8)    Stress and Self-esteem

9)    Glossary

10) Suggested Reading

11) Information and Resources

12) Information specific to your Institution