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Mackintosh School of Architecture


Architecture is an art form that everyone participates in.  We see it, we touch it.  It inspires us and provokes us. Importantly it transforms lives and communities - it is a truly democratic art.

Architecture is therefore an art form that is vital to our future - the future of society and communities.  That future is, in part, in the hands of our graduates - emergent architects who are empowered to think in their own terms and create buildings and spaces that are sensitive, thoughtful and considered.

We want to let you see the world through their eyes. Look through the pages of this website and see the world as we see it.

If you are thinking of applying to the GSA, you can book onto a free GSA OPEN student-led tour of the Mackintosh School of Architecture at Degree Show - several slots are available 5 - 7 June, more information and online booking here.