Innovative, sustainable housing showcased at the Scottish Housing Expo in Inverness, August 2010.

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Highland Housing Expo
Barrhead/Bloom Court

Four industry partners made successful funding bids to the Technology Strategy Board’s Building Performance Evaluation programme for which MEARU will be contributing its expertise. All four projects will involve MEARU monitoring and evaluating the construction and performance of buildings over 2 years in order to better understand the performance of very low carbon homes.

These four projects represent part of MEARU’s growing body of research and expertise in low energy housing. Each of the studies will investigate the energy impact of architectural design, environmental systems and user behaviour and habits relevant to building performance, providing data to inform the future delivery of very low carbon developments in the affordable housing sector. The information generated through these projects will be exploited by architects, services engineers, academic researchers and developers. The four projects are:

Dormont Estate Passivhaus, Dumfriesshire, for Dormont Estates
This project will evaluate the performance of 8 privately rented Passivhaus homes with identical architectural design, orientation, and climatic and site conditions, but differing occupancies. Passivhaus is the leading international low energy, design standard, producing houses that have an excellent thermal performance and exceptional airtightness.

Murray Place, Barrhead, for Hanover Scotland Housing Association
This project will examine a mix of single storey cottages, two storey flats and houses, comparing the performance of different types of construction such as traditional block and brick, timber frames and vapour permeable construction. 

Garscube Road, Glasgow, for Queens Cross Housing Association
This project will evaluate the performance of a new building project in a dense urban environment. It provides an opportunity to evaluate houses constructed from a high performance timber kit which feature one of the largest new-build solar installations of its kind in Scotland and a combined heat and power plant. 

Scottish Housing Expo
This study will evaluate the performance of four house types featured at the Scottish Housing Expo. The Expo took place in Inverness in August 2010 and showcased innovative, sustainable housing to an audience of over 33,000 visitors. This study will quantify both the as-built performance, and the relative energy and environmental performance in relation to different occupancies. 

Project papers on RADAR:

Building Performance Evaluation by Prof. Tim Sharpe

Learning from our Experiments by Prof. Tim Sharpe and Donald Shearer

An assessment of environmental conditions in bedrooms of contemporary low energy houses in Scotland by Janice Foster, Colin Porteous, Prof. Tim Sharpe and Donald Shearer

Building tight – ventilating right? How are new air tightness standards affecting indoor air quality in dwellings? by Prof. Tim Sharpe

Ventilation issues arising from Post Occupancy Studies on new build and refurbishment by Prof. Tim Sharpe and Donald Shearer

Resilience to Occupancy: Findings from recent Post Occupancy Evaluation by Prof. Tim Sharpe