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Design Innovation

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Paul Smith

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Highlands and Islands Enterprise

Digital Trees is a project run by Glasgow School of Art’s Innovation School working with Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HEI) using creative methods to investigate how digital technology might be deployed to best use in the organisation.

Digital Trees hosted three days of workshops in Lochcarron treehouse in order to provide a creative environment in which to explore HEI’s working practices and how digital technologies might support them. The workshops highlighted that communication and the sharing of information and past experience are crucial to HEI’s work. Digital Trees built detailed pictures of HEI’s networks, who they are made up of and how they function. It identified areas of opportunity to improve the flow of information within the organisation and best utilise the HIE network.

A card game, used during the workshops to help this process, has been developed to a finished tool and delivered to HEI with the recommendation that it is used regularly to structure conversations within teams about working practices and how they could be supported. The Digital Trees workshops began to explore how digital tools could support HIE in their work and InDI and HEI are looking to continue this partnership in order to explore creative ways of working.