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Lecturer in Communication Design


GSofA Singapore


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Christina Choo,


Christina Choo

Christina Choo was born in Singapore in 1978, to a mixed Chinese and Korean parentage. She came from a well-travelled background, her Singaporean father was an oil rigger stationed in Germany when he met her Korean mother who was a nurse also in Germany on the last day of October fest, there began the epic journey of her beginnings. At a young age, following her father travels for work, she had travelled through rural parts of Southeast Asia and South America before settling down in Singapore. These experiences spawned and sparked in her a curious perspective on the world around her.

After high school, Christina went to Temesek Polytechnic where she graduated from a diploma in visual communication, majored in videography. This led to a dedication and passion for filmmaking, where she then completed her masters in film from the University of Queensland, with a dissertation entitled “Trend of Thought: Inspirations for a Form of Non-linear Direction”.

Christina also directed her first short film entitled "Queue" in 2005, a film depicting the struggles of two friends making distinction between reality and unreality. In 2007, she and a few aspiring filmmakers incorporated Halide Pictures, a company in Singapore that deals in all aspects of film production. Accolades include "Dimension of the Paranormal", a documentary about the paranormal activities within the cultures in Singapore.

Recently, Christina's attention is to endeavour upon 3D stereoscopic filmmaking. She has only just completed a 3D short film entitled "心静 Silent Sins", a horror/thriller about a group of friends realising past mistakes and childhood pranks in their alma-meta brought on by a lost soul. This film has won Best Picture at the 3D Korean International Film Festival 2012.

Her personal life has become somewhat well known in film education. Previously a lecturer in Digital Audio and Video Production, at the Institute of Technical Education, she helped planned various new modules such as the introduction of 3D stereoscopy. She has received many commendations and awards throughout her educational career, together with insightful, different and intelligent films; Christina has become a well-known filmological presence in Singapore.