Dr Sandra Neves Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D), Design

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Design Research Fellow





The patient’s mealtime experience
Design thinking to improve patient’s well-being during stroke rehabilitation

The patient’s mealtime experience


Dr Sandra Neves

Sandra is a Research Fellow in the School of Design. Her main research interests are in exploring and understanding how design can play an important role in creating spaces to accommodate a diversity of capabilities, because things that work with some people might not work with others, in particular people who live with some form of disability. The focus of her research is on creating opportunities to engage people in both individual and collective creative dialogues to reflect, think and talk in a diversity of ways in order to envision future experiences. She considers people’s participation as a resource to identify new insights that might be valuable to change things for better in the future.

Sandra’s main role is as a research fellow on the SEED project, funded by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR). In this multidisciplinary project (partners including Newcastle University, Glasgow Caledonian University, University College of London, and the University of Hertfordshire), the potential of using visual design methods to develop an intervention and educational resources for end of life care in dementia. Sandra is developing and assisting the organisation and delivery of workshops with various stakeholders (participants including mild/moderate dementia, family carers, primary care professionals (GPs/community nurses), secondary care professionals (old age psychiatry/geriatrics/palliative care), social care, care home staff, and commissioners) in the development and refinement of these materials to the stage where they can be trialled with patients with dementia in care home settings.

Over the last eight years, Sandra has been focused on developing and delivering design-related healthcare research through postgraduate and PhD studies. Design to improve patients’ wellbeing has been her main area of work experience. She believes that design practices that support and facilitate in engaging patients in participation can contribute and add value to the service experience innovation in healthcare. Her PhD was funded by FCT – Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (QREN, POPH e Fundo Social Europeu).