Cara Broadley PhD, PG Cert Supervision

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Research Fellow, Innovation School


Innovation School


The janitor, the tutor and the curator
Photograph by Cara Broadley (2011)

The janitor, the tutor and the curator


Cara Broadley

Working in contexts of wellbeing, care, and equality, Cara Broadley’s research involves the role of participatory design approaches, visual methods and reflective practice in engaging with communities to share stories.

Inspired by her background in ceramics and drawing, Cara’s research investigates how the layers of knowledge and wisdom embodied by cultural artefacts might be unpicked, unravelled, and reimagined through different materials to evoke narratives of people and place. Applying her practice in these contexts has informed Cara’s ongoing research interest around the use of asset-based approaches to identify existing skills, talents, and capabilities from within communities, and devising creative, visual ways to share their strengths with others.

Through her current work in the Leapfrog project, Cara is exploring how these approaches can be used to build rapport and trust with communities and organisations across the Highlands and Islands, and support the co-design of innovative tools for public engagement.

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