Nicholas Oddy, left, on a 1885 Rudge light roadster 

Nicholas Oddy, left, on a 1885 Rudge light roadster


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Material Culture

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Nicholas Oddy

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Forum for Critical Inquiry (FoCI)

Until 1933, both the state and private road users in the UK designed and erected road signs, all with clear political agendas. This project will explore early road signage and its place in asserting the interests of different road users in the period of early motorisation.

Modern road signs are the invention of cyclists’ clubs and began to proliferate in the 1880s. In the UK, the state began to take an interest in their design in The Motor Car Act of 1903, but did not take full control of their design and application until 1933. This project is exploring the material culture of early road signage, and the various motivations and interests it embodies. 

It is one aspect of an ongoing body of work focussing on cycling history and culture. This project has been presented in a number of contexts that span the worlds of academia, collecting and enthusiasts. Material was first presented at an AHRC-funded symposium on Road Safety at Oxford Brookes University in 2011. In 2012 it was developed into more substantial public presentations at York Railway Museum and the Edinburgh Festival of Cycling in 2013. In 2014, a paper to the XXIV International Cycling History Conference in Baltimore looked specifically at the cyclist’s signs. A substantial article is to be published as part of a special issue of Technology and Culture in mid-2015. A book concerning the history of cycling culture is currently in preparation and will draw on ongoing research since 1989. 

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