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The Centre for Advanced Textiles (CAT) was established in 2000 with a Research Development Grant from the Scottish Funding Council to pursue advanced research in digital textile design and printing. CAT places the relationships between research, knowledge transfer and learning at the heart of its mission.
Through the diversity and depth of experience of staff, access to state-of-the-art technologies, and commitment to supporting the textile art and design sectors, the Centre provides a resource for inquiry into the application of digital textile technologies. CAT has been instrumental in developing inter-institutional research and commercial partnerships with international companies, and providing learning opportunities for students from undergraduate to doctoral level. The Centre offers services to industry, working with diverse clients from fashion and accessory designers, interior designers and manufacturers, bars and restaurants, museums, artists and photographers; and is recognised as an international leader in digital textile printing services.

Centre Contact:
Alan Shaw, Industrial Coordinator
+44 (0) 141 353 4742