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Indoor air quality, health + wellbeing

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Dr Grainne McGill

GrĂ¡inne is a Researcher at the Mackintosh Environmental Architecture Research Unit (MEARU), Glasgow School of Art. She is a lecturer and module coordinator for the MSc course in Environmental Design and Analysis in Architecture and is involved in supervision at MSc and PhD level. GrĂ¡inne is a Committee Member of the UK Indoor Environments Group and coordinator of the AHRC funded HEMAC network. She is a member of the International Society of IAQ (ISIAQ), and the Network for Comfort and Energy Use in Buildings (NCEUB), has acted on a number of Scientific Review Committees and chaired sessions at major International Conferences.

Her specific research interests include low carbon design and evaluation post occupancy, indoor air quality and ventilation in housing, thermal comfort and overheating, end-user interaction and the influence of the built environment on health. She is particularly interested in multidisciplinary approaches to investigate the potential influence of architectural design and resulting indoor environmental quality on occupant health and wellbeing. She has expertise of monitoring IAQ, ventilation provision and environmental conditions in contemporary housing. Her doctoral thesis examined the impact of energy efficient design strategies on indoor air quality, focusing particularly on new-build airtight UK social housing. She is currently co-investigator and researcher for an AHRC funded study on the Influence of Housing Ventilation on the Prevalence of Anti-Microbial Resistant Bacteria.

Grainne McGill

Lynn Crescent Passivhaus: Building Performance Evaluation

Lynn Crescent Passivhaus: Building Performance Evaluation...

02/10/17 13:42

Case study investigation of Indoor Air Quality during summer of the first PassivHaus in Mexico City

Case study investigation of Indoor Air Quality during sum...

02/10/17 13:32