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The Digital Design Studio is undertaking a programme of work to develop 3D virtual anatomy at groundbreaking levels of accuracy and realism for the whole human body.


We have already completed significant research to support the definitive study of human anatomy for health and wellbeing within both a public and medical context.  Every stage of our development process, including data build and interface construction, has been validated by multi-disciplinary experts in the field of medicine. We are confident that the level of fidelity, interaction and realism clearly demonstrates a step change towards fundamentally understanding and engaging with the human body.

The DDS strategy for engagement and dissemination is to develop a human dataset that is capable of being viewed by multiple users, through a variety of devices and at different scales.  Ease of use and access, forms a core development theme within our work.

3D Head and Neck

The 3D head and neck is a pioneering collaborative project between NES and the Glasgow School of Art's Digital Design Studio to develop interactive visualisation materials for clinical teaching. The new 3D Digital Head and Neck, which is ultra-realistic and fully interactive, allows students and clinical trainees to view, manipulate and interact with a 3D head in real-time in order to develop an understanding of anatomy, and learn diagnostic techniques and procedures. The 3D model includes accurate visualisations of the skeleton, nervous system, blood supply, muscles, supporting tissues and lymphatic drainage.

The 3D Head and Neck was launched by Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond in April 2013 and is being rolled out across Scotland and internationally.

A number of videos showing the 3D Head and Neck are available at http://definitivehuman.com/Pages/VideoShowcase.aspx