Jonathan Boyd MA(RCA), BA(HONS) 1st class, PGcert L&T, PGCert PHD Supervision

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Maker; Lecturer, Silversmithing and Jewellery


Silversmithing & Jewellery



Case study No.1 in the latent potential in objects, biro
by Jonathan Boyd

Case study No.1 in the latent potential in objects, biro


Jonathan Boyd

Working from his studio in Glasgow Jonathan is a lecturer, maker and jeweller interested in creating works that deal with the strange and complex relationships that exist between object, written language and the body. Jonathan is interested in how language can shape thoughts about an object and its context, his works often being inspired by the text’s narrative.

Recent works take their inspiration from the complexity of natural and unforced conversations. These works focus on manuscripts from recordings taken from friends in conversation. The works particularly highlight chit-chat; conversations where not much is said or divulged but focus on the throw away parts of the way we communicate. Rather than filtering the silences, irregularities and disfluencies in our speech the works aim to highlight them and create preciousness out of their existence.

Jonathans Research interests focus on two strands that culminate in the creation of artifacts and jewellery: works made through complex casting structures and conceptual ideas based around his interest in language and object.

For his works Jonathan has received multiple awards (most recently Silver prize in the Beijing International Metalwork exhibition 2013 and BKV Young Applied Artist of the year 2012 [finalist)] and are and exhibited internationally.

Jonathan studied at The Royal College of Art (2007-09) and The Glasgow School of Art (2002-06). His research interests include:

• Narrative and Conceptual Jewellery, Metalwork & Object
• Text as object
• CAD design and working within digital environments
• Advanced digital making processes (3D printing, CNC milling, sintering etc)
• Methods of teaching in making disciplines within Higher Education
• Relationship of Craft to/within Art and Design

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