Khalfan Al Shueili MSc Civil Engineering; BSc Architectural Engineering

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PhD Research Student


Mackintosh School of Architecture



Khalfan Al Shueili
Towards a sustainable urban future in Oman

Khalfan Al Shueili


Khalfan Al Shueili

Towards a sustainable Urban Future in Oman: Strategy vs. Implementation – Case studies from Muscat.

Supervisors: Dr. Tim Sharpe, Dr Rohinton Emmanuel.

The aims of this research are: to develop a comprehensive understanding of the history of Urban Design in Oman since 1970, and to provide insights into the decision making processes which have occurred during this period; to develop an understanding of contemporary decision making processes in Urban Design, including an understanding of decision makers and citizens attitudes towards urban sustainability; to identify problems and successes in these areas; and to develop an improved strategy for urban planning that will provide an effective and equitable sustainable urban future.

The study has progressed in a sequence of phases: identifying the main dimensions of urban sustainability that are relevant for this study; mapping out the history of urban development planning, including its main objectives, policies, urban development milestones and challenges; carrying out the research using a triangulated methodology approach that consists of: data mining (content analysis of milestone projects within the historical development of town planning in Oman), semi-structured interviews of decision making, and the assessment of behaviour and attitudes of the general public towards sustainability through the use of focus groups and questionnaires. This will