Nina Bacos BfA, MfA

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PhD Research Student


School of Fine Art



The Intelectual Gaze (2005)
Nina Bacos

The Intelectual  Gaze (2005)


Nina Bacos

A White Woman's Photgraphic Travel Journal

Supervisors: Dr Nicky Bird, Professor Damian Sutton (Middlesex University), Jim Harold

The PhD research A White Woman's Photographic Travel Journal is an intervention into whiteness as a racial construction. It is carried out through a realist/documentary narrative that is intersected with staged images. Nina Bacos' hypothesis is that whiteness is an experientially unconscious privileged category needing examination at cross-categorical junctions and that the instability of photography makes this a suitable tool to do so. To make a case study she has travelled (roughly) in the footsteps of Tété-Michel Kpomassie, from West Africa to Greenland, and made a diary that oscillates between staged and documentary/auteur style photographs. The thesis is completed with a 50/50% balance between visuals and text. The result is an examination of cultural appropriation, exoticism, white female sex tourism, race, gender, cross-cultural experience and love, mirrored through the body and mind of a middle-aged white woman. What you take part of is a sliver of her life as it evolves with others while she examines/represents herself as a white woman in "a world where race operates as a hidden scripting of rationalized irrationality, where myriad images of racial cliches perpetuate their unspoken subtexts of devaluation." (P. Williams)

2012 PhD Solo Exhibition A Self Assertive White Woman’s Diary, Mackintosh Museum, Glasgow School of Art Glasgow (UK)
2011 The Summer Before Dark Photosensitive One Church Street Gallery, Great Missenden (UK)
2011 A Self Assertive White Woman’s Diary A2, Bealtainne, The Glue Factory Glasgow (UK)
2010 Aspects PhD Show Half Knowledge Half…Grace and Clark Fyfe Gallery Glasgow (UK)