Myria Christophini MA Animation, MA Fine Art, Dipl. Künstler (U)

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PhD Research Student




Learning Each Other’s Language
Myria Christophini

Learning Each Other’s Language


Myria Christophini

Animating Peace: A Practice-Led Inquiry into the potential of Animation to act as a tool for peace-building

Supervisors: Gillian Moffat, Professor Greg Philo (Glasgow University), Dr. Laura Gonzalez

My primary research interests are the arts a tool for peace, social justice and equality. My PhD is a practice- led inquiry into the potential of animation to act as a tool for peace building in Cyprus. It examines how this medium can assist reconciliation between the two antagonistic communities and promote contact and non-violent communication. It uses the interchangeable methods of animation making, theoretical inquiry, questionnaires and interviews. Following an investigation on the nature of peace and animation the research gathered public opinions to reveal important conflict related themes and encouraged discussion on how to bring the two communities closer. Based on these discussions, animation strategies were proposed from which 3 were realised into short films and tested with locals from the divided communities in Cyprus. The research has demonstrated that indeed, animation can act as a tool for peace.

Apart from this study, I am very keen in dealing with issues such as tolerance, discrimination and human rights through my own art-making. I also have a keen interest in educational animation, animated documentary and the use of classic fairytales to address contemporary issues.

Examples of the kind of work I am interest in researching and producing are the work of the Leeds Animation Studio and the government commissioned Public Information Films such as the Halas and Bachelors 1940's Charley or Abu Series.