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Stills, 2013
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Stills, 2013


Inês Bento Coelho

Choreographing Spaces: thinking space through choreography in installation-based works

Supervisor: Laura Gonzalez

This project inquires what choreography means in contemporary context in relation to sculpture, performance, site-specificity, and spatial concerns. I argue that sculpture and installation-based works could benefit from an alternative mode of visual construction, reflecting practices inherently contingent on spaces and processes.

The research will consider a translation of choreography as a methodology for the visual arts, as well as a theoretical understanding of its inherent implications in recent history and contemporary practice.
Modes of thinking space in contemporary art are expanded through applying a notion from the dance field - choreography - in the visual arts. The research offers a new approach to the study of the relationship between visual arts and dance, addressing the matter from the subject of space, common to both languages.

Choreography as a methodology
My previous research suggests that using choreography as a method in the visual arts brings a highlighted awareness of space and its elements: how can artists use choreography as a methodology to produce installation work? How might the use of choreography benefit artists in understanding space? How can artists gain from using a tool from another field?
Investigating the practical instance of using choreography as a composition process in installation works allows me to question fully the intrinsic relationships between visual arts and dance. In particular, it allows me to question how might artists activate spaces, fostering a higher awareness of our surroundings.

Choreographic Visual Art
In contemporary art the number of artists turning to choreography (Tino Sehgal and Alexandra Pirici for instance) is increasing. Might choreographic visual art be a new realm as performance or installation was in the 60’s? Which direction is this tendency heading to? The project proposes to examine whether Choreographic Visual Art might be a new trend in contemporary practice, whether it may become a field in its own as installation or performance is today and how this may evolve in the next few years.

2014 - Inside/Outside, Parfitt Gallery, Croydon, UK
2014 - Everything Must Go, Thomas Brothers, London, UK
2013 - Show One, Lethaby Gallery, Central Saint Martins, London, UK
2012 - MA Fine Art Auction, Lethaby Gallery, Central Saint Martins, London, UK
2012 - Interim Show, V22 Workspace, London, UK
2012 - Between The World And Nothing, The Old Woodworkshop, London, UK
2011 - Summer Calling, 3+1 Gallery, Lisbon
2010 - 48min., Cambridge Changing Spaces, Cambridge, UK (*with Lisa Wilkens)
2008 - Cambridge Open Studios, St Barnabas Press, Cambridge, UK
2008 - Planos Frágeis, Cooperativa de Gravadores Portugueses, Lisbon (with Luisa Jacinto)
2008 - Finalistas de Desenho, FBAUL, BA Final Show, Ministry of Justice, Lisbon
2007 - Escultura V (Sculpture V, B.A. show), Oeiras
2007 - Espaço Adorna-Corações, curated by Estefânia de Almeida, Porto
2007 - Escultura (Sculpture), Casa da Cultura dos Olivais, Constância
2007 - O Auto Retrato na Fbaul (Self Portrait in the Faculty of Fine Arts), FBAUL, Lisbon
2006 - Kask Week (end of year show), Hogenschool Ghent, Ghent, Belgium
2005 - Modus Operandi, Microarte Gallery, Lisbon (with Pedro Matias and Marta Faustino)
2005 - Shortlisted for Dove Sculpture Awards, Lisbon
2004 - Shortlisted for D. Fernando II, Oeiras

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