Yuan-Sung Hsiao (Kris) MArch(Digital Creativity), BArch

Job Title:

PhD Research Student


Mackintosh School of Architecture



Algorithmic methodology process
Algorithmic methodology process

Algorithmic methodology process


Yuan-Sung Hsiao (Kris)

Algorithmic design methodologies for complex buildings (hospital).

Supervisors: Dr Raid Hanna, Sally Stewart

As a building typology the hospital always plays a very important role in social developments. From the birth to death, the hospital provides the most significant care for human beings. Additionally, the function of hospital design contains not only the live element, but also treatments and infection prevention. Consequently, it is necessary to continually develop for better hospital planning to provide patients with a better healthcare environment. As an architecture student, the responsibility of providing better quality of living should be combined with up-to-date technologies.

Due to significant developments in modern technology, computational tools often play a very important role in many fields. On the architectural aspect ,computer-aided design (CAD) has progressed to help the design process become more efficient for architects. Therefore, the design of complex buildings, such as hospitals, and CAD systems can be integrated into the overall design process and reduce human error which is prevalent appearing in the traditional design methodology, and CAD design should contribute to the maximum efficiency of the well hospital planning.