Yoonjung Lim (BA) Digital Image and Animation, 2009. (MFA) Multimedia Design, 2013. (MDes) Sound for the Moving Image, 2016.

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PhD Research Students


School of Simulation and Visualisation



by Yoonjung Lim



Yoonjung Lim

Expression for Immersive Media Using Relationship and Correlation Between Sound and Visual Images
Supervisors: Ronan Breslin, Alastair Macdonald

Our smarter, new media technologies like VR, 360 degrees or multiple display film that give the immersive views. Also, collaborate more effectively with these immersive display and surround sound.

It is obvious that one of the main aims of most audio-visual products is to present a seamless relationship between sound and image. This attempt has been made in various fields of research, and I would say this approach allow the contents more investigative and immersive.

My study explores and investigates the uses of these immersive media and audio expressions; how we conceptually and cognitively link the properties of sound and visual images. This practice base research is into audio-visual installation for immersive presentation with sound visualising, using typical immersive media format; VR, 360 degrees and surround sound.