Kirsteen Macdonald BA Hons Art History and German

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PhD Research Student




Framework seminar 2012
Kirsteen Macdonald

Framework seminar 2012


Kirsteen Macdonald

A history of the curatorial in Scotland in the past 40 years and its agency within current modes of practice.

This research project aims to align an investigative history of curatorial practices in Scotland with current conditions and contemporary theory. The curatorial is considered as an act of mediation: researching, thinking, critiquing, organizing, interpreting, collaborating; the creation of a third position/space alongside the artwork/artist and the institution/context/ participant. It considers both the critical and the pragmatic agency of external influences alongside local conditions, approaching the subject of the curatorial from a contemporary theoretical perspective whilst documenting, archiving and analysing activity from previous decades in terms relevant to their own conditions.

Kirsteen is a Board member and Trustee of engage (national association of gallery education) and Market Gallery, Glasgow. She is also a member of the working group ‘Let’s get together and call ourselves an institute’ researching the possibilities for new forms of institutional practice.