Adrian McNaught PG Dip Arch, PG Dip PS

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Research Student


Mackintosh School of Architecture



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Adrian McNaught

Does the post-industrial landscape hold the key to its potential energy future? Rethinking the miners’ house

Supervisor: Tim Sharpe

With increasing demand for performance efficient housing stock, and the quantity of existing failing homes, solutions are sought to meet demands. Greenfield new builds accentuate the problem. Villages like New Cumnock in East Ayrshire are at the edge of existence. Are they a future resource, or just a dirty past?

This project will use the design of a refurbishment of existing housing stock using passive architectural techniques, specific to an active context, as a manifestation of our changing relationship to the ecology : Glen Afton as a machine, not architecture in isolation.

Does this specific environment require a specific approach to passive design? As a rural post-industrial environment, are solutions available in its’ unique problems? Does it offer the chance to combine several phenomena, given its wind and ground source potential? Does the user and use profile extend the potential for more integration with passive systems? Can users become positively engaged in their energy consumption and hence their architecture? Can a 'carbon town' become ‘carbon free'?