Alejandro Moreno Rangel Master in Architectural Studies (Zero-Energy Mass Customised Housing)

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Housing context


Alejandro Moreno Rangel

Towards the sustainability of Mexico’s housing in hot-humid climate.

Supervisors: Professor Tim Sharpe; Dr Filbert Musau

Alejandro is a PhD student at The Glasgow School of Art, where he also completed his Master in Architectural Studies (ZEMCH) coming from a stimulating French and Mexican environment during his Bachelor. Actually, he is really interested on sustainable residential architecture specially on nZEB and ZEB where he finds a key role to help and preserve our planet. Among his interests are arts, environment and technology on which he establishes the bases of his research.

Alejandro’s research explores the approach of residential sector in Mexico’s hot and humid climate. Where, technologies and available construction materials tend to obey the use of global materials. Taking the old building model of developing countries as building pattern without questioning if it suits into its particular climatic zone and trying to beat down costs, on the materials and spaces, as much as possible.

Housing projects are, in fact, a way of living which reflects people’s activities, culture and climate. Different parameters surround the comfort within an interior space. Nowadays, comfort on Mexican dwelling (hot-humid climate) is controlled by expensive air-conditioned units helping to maintain the ISO standards for thermal quality and well-being of indoor comfort. However, to reach these levels the needing of mechanical air supplies is unsustainable. It’s estimated, on the current Mexican situation for hot and humid climate, that the energy consumption increase is up to 8.5 times using air-conditioning to preserve the indoor comfort.

The aim of this research is to engage the problem with a different approach, addressing the comfort to determinate the most sustainable approach for Mexico’s hot-humid climatic region; demonstrating that comfort range could be achievable with a near zero (nZEB) or zero energy (ZEB) house reducing the energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

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